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Ashott Barton is an farm run on Organic principles, in the beautiful hills of Somerset, England. We focus on traditional, minimal impact methods and aim to improve our land, which contains three ‘county wild-life site’ and is in the highest environmental tier, HLS. We run a herd of Devon Cattle, we used to have Dexter cattle & Llanwenog sheep.

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Ashott Barton Linus


Ashott Barton Linus – UK342806 100438
herd book number – M19038

Linus is the grandson of Cutcombe Millennium, stock bull of the year 2004 & 2006.
Sire is Bywood Buttons 5th Dam Ashott Barton Darky 4th
He is well mannered, halter trained, 3 year old bull and is currently running with a group of cows. He has produced calves born this year which are very nice, but as he is closely related to most of the herd, he doesn’t have enough work. So come September we will be looking to sell him.

He was not sold as a 2 year old because we had just bought a small group of cows that were not related to Ashott Barton and it was a great opportunity to try him out. His calves are very good and may be seen on the farm now (born in March).

Jeremy & his black bull


Seven new unrelated cows and five calves came to Ashott Barton on August 4th 2018
Jeremy,my son and creator of this website, has returned to Ashott Barton.The newsgirls are his start up fund. The partial dispersal of the herd in 2015 was a tragedy that haunts me every day but at least I am still here and have the hope and expectation that Jeremy may be able to write the next chapter of the history of this wonderful farm.

There was interview on Radio Somerset earlier this month when he spoke of his hope that he can combine software design and farming. Both are demanding occupations with extremely unsocial hours but commitment and belief can over come much.
The death of Bywood Buttons is still a issue. The best Devon cows in the world, according to American cattleman in Virginia USA, are being put to an Angus bull! We are seeking a new bull but the breed has been infected by so much mixed blood lines from French cows (Saler). Finding pure Devon bloodlines is a slow business. I will persevere in my search for a good sire for Millennium’s daughters and hope that the last Son of Buttons will grow into a good bull for the new cows. The last traditionally pure Devon calves were born this year. Next year’s babies will be black, the offspring of pedigree Angus Colhayne Pristine, or Euan to his friends.

Ashott Barton – Home of Cutcombe Millennium


Millennium is no longer with us,
but he continues in his offspring:

This is Ashott Barton Bribery 6th and her daughter.

AshottBarton Briberry 6th

This is the product of traditional breeding.

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Higher Barn

We have a most incredible eco-system, it is our responsibility to preserve it. Here you can see this environment which enriches us and our cattle.
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Bywood Buttons - Death

Bywood Buttons the 5th Died unexpectedly on 5th August 2017.


Shiamala and the herd are still very off balance, the herd lacks a head and the farm feels very strange.
Millenniums death in 2011 was a big thing but it was expected and peaceful. Button’s death was and is a terrible catastrophe.

Devon Cattle

Cows in River

Devon Cattle are the primary stock at Ashott Barton. We have a herd of 21 breeding females and their followers.
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Farming Ethics & Practices

Farm Gate

Why do we Farm? What are our methods? Survival, concern for the Earth and a belief that Farming is a most vital industry.
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Devon Cattle
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